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AUTHOR: ResellerRatings Release Team

Review management is an essential piece of collecting reviews about your brand and products alike. At ResellerRatings we look at review management as a three-headed approach called PIE (Protect, Identify, Engage).

  • Protect - protecting your brand identity is a crucial part of online review collection. Fake reviews and reviews from non-customers are the biggest part of the protection plan but also identifying reviews that don't fit into the funnel in which they are collected (seller ratings vs product reviews). When collecting seller ratings the goal is to collect reviews about the overall shopping experience (not about the product). When collecting product reviews the goal is to collect reviews about the product specifically (not about customer service or the overall shopping experience). This will allow for the right information to be presented to potential buyers whatever step they are at in the buyer's journey!

  • Identify - reviews collected after purchase open the door for your teams to identify issues as they happen during the order process which will allow you to proactively address issues seen by real customers. With review management tools available to you, you can contact the customer directly to receive more information about their issue and come to a positive outcome to bring them in as a repeat customer. This in turn allows you to ask the customer to revise their review. See more here.

  • Engage - replying to reviews, both positive and negative, to show potential buyers that your company values the feedback that is being presented after a purchase. This leads to more trust-building about a brand rather than a company that has a perfect 5-star rating.

Utilizing PIE and the review management tools available for all partners of ResellerRatings, you have the ability to precisely control and manage the review content your valuable customers are leaving for your brand and products.

For more information on TrustHQ and Review Management opportunities please check out our online learning course:

TrustHQ - Review Management 101

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