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This week at ResellerRatings - Product Reviews Update

AUTHOR: ResellerRatings Release Team

This week at ResellerRatings, the journey to Product Reviews 2.0 has begun....

Development Update

Our development team crushed it this week with a great release full of features, bug fixes, and much much more.

  • fixed an issue with Visual Reviews where a long product title would not wrap appropriately in the image preview or output

  • fixed some bad grammar and punctuation in our default email template for Advanced Email Templates

  • fixed an issue with data calculation in our analytics hub

  • fixed an issue with the date filter in our Amplify reporting hub

  • fixed an issue where some pages would not refresh appropriately after an action had happened

  • fixed an edge case issue when coupons and Amplify were working together

  • added new platforms to our Amplify tool

Product Reviews & Social Q&A Product Update

Adding ResellerRatings Social Q&A to your product pages can help reduce purchase abandonment by providing a community of real customers to answer questions. Take a look at the full article to learn the importance of having a Q&A on your product pages.

Learn more here.

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