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This week at ResellerRatings - BigCommerce Updates

AUTHOR: ResellerRatings Release Team

This week at ResellerRatings, our teams are heads down to wrap up some pretty great projects to end 2022 with. We will be sure to keep you in the loop as the features go live!

Development Update

This week we had no releases from our development team to share, which is good news as there were no major bugs that needed squashing. Our team is working on some great stuff in the pipeline, which we will be excited to share in the coming weeks!

Obviously, by the date above this is something our team released earlier this year, but we wanted to get more visibility on it as we approach the holiday season. These BigCommerce updates make installing product reviews a breeze and something that anyone with no development experience can knock out in a matter of minutes. If you would like more information on Product Reviews with ResellerRatings please contact us asap! Check out the full article here.

Black Friday - 56 days away

Christmas - 86 days away

Whatever we can do to help with your holiday shopping planning, please let us know!

See you next week!

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