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Changes to Flagging Reviews

AUTHOR: ResellerRatings Release Team

We're always evolving processes internally with our team. Flagging reviews across the site is currently taking some large transformative changes starting today.

Last year we expanded upon reporting abilities that anyone can flag any review on the site, and classify the reason for flagging to help our Transparency team investigate. This year, we're taking a deeper look into review flagging internally on the platform. We're making these moves to continuously work to make review authenticity at top of mind. We've also received some great feedback from retailers and reviewers alike on confusion with the current system, so we aim to set that straight.

Prior Flagging Announcements

  1. Shipping & Not a Product Flagging Changes (Aug 2022)

Roadmap of changes

  1. (Released Today) Restrictions on continuous flagging to prevent abuse - reviews could be continuously flagged by retailers causing an issue between Transparency teams and retailers overzealously flagging reviews. This would create undue work. Now, reviews can only be flagged by retailers ONCE. Once it's adjudicated by our team - it can no longer be flagged unless the review is edited or modified by the original reviewer.

  2. (Incoming) - Improvements on customer notifications around flagged reviews. Reviewers can edit their review if they go back to the store they wrote the review and click 'write a review' for, however we're making the more open by including more detailed notifications to reviewers once a flag is placed, the reasoning behind the flag, as well as direct opportunity to fix the review to remove the term violation (vulgar language, etc). Reviewers will have a set time period to respond to the flag before the review is archived.

  3. Improvements in AI will auto-flag reviews with questionable content from the get-go

  4. Flagging transparency box - to showcase to consumers more transparently what reviews are removed and for what violation - we plan to showcase a flagged review count box for retailers that showcase the number of removed reviews, as well the violation those reviews hit.

  5. Multiple reviews per storefront from the same customer will be opened up for multiple, different invoice orders. Before a customer could only leave one review / store. We're changing that soon to allow for multi-review purchases.

We look forward to more feedback to help continuously improve the platform.

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