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Major Flagging and Terms Update

AUTHOR: ResellerRatings Release Team

Major Flagging Update

The following changes will roll out over the next few weeks across our transparency team, but our documentation now reflects the change below.

Over time, our transparency team is constantly re-assessing flags, and how flags are used.  Based on feedback - we are making an amendment to our review terms for flagging and adding additional clarity to Flag (3) Review does not pertain to the business itself (shipping and or product).  The changes are as follows

  1. Product-centric reviews regarding a brand are now allowed.  With the growth of direct-to-consumer marketing, product and brand are practically highly correlated.  The separation of product and brand is a legacy of the reseller world itself.

  2. Shipping and other issues may be a result of third-party dependencies.  These will all be adjudicated by our transparency team if they are flagged on a case-by-case basis.  The original clause of this flag was intended if carriers had mass disruptions that were of no fault to the brand.  This would be a valid usage of the flag.  However, a prolonged dependency on a carrier or misinforming customers of delivery dates on a long-term basis constitutes some real valid concerns from customers.   Here are some concrete examples of what we would consider an invalid usage of this flag

  3. The item was shipped, the item was not delivered at all, and the customer service team of the brand failed to respond to the customer and attempt to rectify or communicate the issue.  This would be a valid review

    • The brand has strong tenancies to mislabel shipping costs and shipping times on a consistent basis

The new flag is amended as follows - (3) Review does not pertain to the business itself

Here is the core valid use case of this flag - The reviewer in this case has completely mistaken the review and associated it with a completely different brand.

We will also be building a new, public-facing transparency box that will showcase how many reviews are being actively flagged, the positive to negative ratio, and the reason codes behind flags.  This will give shoppers a truly transparent look at how accounts and reviews are affected by brands.  More details to come soon.

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