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Your TrustHQ - Part I - Incoming

AUTHOR: ResellerRatings Release Team

Welcome to your new TrustHQ

We've been working very, very hard on our new TrustHQ platform. It's a complete re-imagining of our core functions and sets up the platform for even more updates and features to help you grow your e-commerce brand. Building TrustHQ took a lot of feedback from our marquee clients big and small - from Zenni Optical to many others. We sat with smaller teams, compiled their wishlist, and brought it together on a huge whiteboard, cross-referenced workflows, what worked what didn't what key use cases were, and re-did a bunch of things.

Key Features

  • Batch Review Tagging

  • New Review Timeline Feed

  • New Search Capabilities and Case System

  • New Data Segmentation on key Customer Moment Benchmarks

  • Product Review Tagging

  • and much more...

TrustHQ brings together a whole series of features and consolidates disparate pieces of the platform into one easy-to-use workflow. We're excited to step forward with it. Here are the things we wanted to address.

  1. Make the platform more collaborative

    • Ratings and reviews are now an organization-wide effort and the companies utilizing them to their full potential integrate ratings and reviews into Executive reports, Marketing Channels, and Customer Service.

  2. How do we communicate with our clients about how to utilize the platform better?

    • Introduced our new product blog with subscriptions to various product segments

    • Built out our new learning hub and Academy with the full-on platform and business-related growth videos on your e-commerce store

    • Integrated learning directly into the portal with a new Use Cases guide to showcase how clients and others are using Trust Data to its fullest potential to acquire new customers online and retain

  3. How do we improve workflows and functionality for core use cases around replying back to ratings and reviews, and garnering valuable information from it?

    • New workflows and new ratings and reviews dashboard built around team collaboration

    • Re-organization of all data and review feeds themselves

    • Introduced tonnes of new features like quick-tagging, tagging for product reviews to syndicate to different internal teams,

  4. How to bring to the forefront more data that can help clients structure their business faster around customer feedback

    1. 5 new key benchmark indicators are now built into all surveys called our Customer Journey Touchpoints. While we've always had these, they are now at the forefront of deep data diving and segmentation.

      1. Shipping benchmarks, Returnability benchmarks, Loyalty, Pricing, and Service

      2. These benchmarks give far more granular data and our incoming sentiment engine really opens up customer feedback intelligence.

In Part II, we're going to dive deep into some of the new features.

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