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Winter Update – Part I

AUTHOR: ResellerRatings Release Team

We’ve been a bit quiet lately (okay for some time), but that doesn’t mean we weren’t working away like squirrels. In the quiet few months, we’ve actually made almost eighty deployments fixing bugs, improving features, and re-aligning the backend.  While re-aligning the teams and putting some cool new things in place we’ve overhauled core systems to deliver some huge, major updates to ResellerRatings.  In the next few weeks, you’re going to be seeing a LOT of these start to stream through.  But those surprises are for later – what about now?

Well, let’s talk about themes this year – Customer Journey. That is – YOUR customer journey and designing a ROCK solid journey Powered by UGC (user-generated content). We’re going all in this year and as a result have taken huge investments into core essentials (new surveys, themes, templates, launch controls as well as new tools to understand and analyze your customer journey (feedback). Let’s kick it off with one new product and a major product overhaul.

New Product

We’ve been ALPHA testing a whole new feedback tool for RSR that deploys awesome micro-surveys in intelligent ways to collect tonnes of information about where your customer journey is breaking down.  We’re excited about introducing FEEDBACK as it goes into our live beta for select clients.  If you’d like to give it a free whirl contact us at the bottom with the chat button.  


A new Customer Experience Journey

We’ve built and released our version of feedback, NPS, and micro-surveys from the ground up. This new release gives you a whole new wing of customer analytics

We have a LOT more to say about Feedback, so keep an eye out for more announcements and access Feedback today by contacting us on chat!


We’ve completely re-hauled Q&A.  With a new UI for both the dashboard, the on-site display, new functions, workflow adjustments, new search and reporting capabilities.  The changes are numerous and we’ll outline them in an upcoming change.  But if you use Q&A – you’re going to notice an immediate difference.

Q&A 1.5

Q&A can be complicated to make successful, but if you’re focused on keeping your customer journey focused and air-tight, it’s one of the most critical pieces of the ultimate product page.

  1. New Workflows for your Customer Service Team.

  2. New on-site Widget with better rendering and display capabilities

  3. New settings control to customize Q&A behavior

  4. New Coverage Reports seeing how effective your Q&A collection is

  5. Fixed generalized bugs and streamlined actions such as Social Ask and more.

Shopper Journey Insider

We’re rebuilt our retailer blog from the ground up with a new on-site focus on the customer journey and increasing your search rankings, e-commerce trends, and designing amazing customer journey experiences.


We actually listen to our brands and retailer store clients.

As always, our roadmap is public – it’s out there and we love to see your take on it.

  1. Vote and submit features for us to review

  2. Get previews and ask us to enroll in beta’s of new products.

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