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AUTHOR: ResellerRatings Release Team

We’ve been collecting reviews for almost 10 years now. Unlike many review vendors out there, in the background, we’ve been collecting several other important benchmarks and touchpoints.

The unique insights and data developed from customer reviews from gives your team insights on whether you are a leader or lagging behind. introduced competitive comparisons last year. We’ve been using that data to further understand how customers are comparing your store and adjacent stores you’re related to, against each other.  Today, we’d like to announce our release of Track and Monitor.  

Knowing how shoppers see you in relation to your competitors is important to understand your place as a valid option to purchase from.   Online retail has been a highly competitive battleground for quite a while. Tracking customer sentiment in the broader industry with verified data has often been difficult.  

Comparison Benchmark Tool

Our platform feature, ‘Comparison benchmark’ compares and contrasts who shoppers themselves compared you against on That is whenever a shopper comes in from the millions of impressions we get from Google and Bing, they land on your storefront and sometimes compare you against others. This is what’s driving that data. Now on the left-hand side, we see the total compares per time period selected. And on the right, we see the breakdown and what stores you are being compared to – which allows you to understand who they are, what’s the percentage of competitive share you have against them, as well as the current score. 

Track and Monitor

Next up, we’ve now expanded on Comparison Benchmarks by introducing Track and Monitor, which gives you another dimension of tracking competitors. Track and monitor actually allow you to select which competitors you want to track and follow.

Track and monitor lets you pick and choose up to five different retailers that your team can monitor. In this case, we’re going to add someone we want to try and track. And in this case, let’s say it’s a core competitor. On the right-hand side, we generate a competitive cart. The cart itself shows things such as the overall rating between stores, the storefront images, as well as deeper dive benchmarks that are unique to ResellerRatings. These include items such as pricing, the chance of future purchase, how the shipping was rated, as well as the return policy rating by customer perception.

We can check other things like what we see in trends – for example – scoring over time, which shows the average score across both your storefront and your main tracked competitor. In this case, we can start to see a deviation and the difference over time between how you were scored and how they were scored. We can add up to five stores. So let’s add one more competitor to the list.

We can keep doing this until we reach a maximum of five stores. Track and monitor is meant to give power to clients to really understand the changes between scores and how they are perceived amongst shoppers. Finally, we can actually narrow and refine our search data with date fields. Focusing on time segments like a week, a day for the past three months, or you can simply add in your own custom date range. We hope you enjoyed the first version of tracking and monitor and hope to hear your feedback directly.

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