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This Week at ShopperStream - Introduction to Badges & Awards

AUTHOR: ResellerRatings Release Team

This week at ShopperStream... let's take a look at our brand-new badges & awards system.

Thrilled to guide you through the treasure trove of trust markers, my savvy e-commerce connoisseur! In this bustling marketplace, shoppers are like treasure hunters, and trust markers are the gleaming gems they seek to ensure a secure voyage. 

Take a look at the video below for a quick walkthrough and implementation of the new badges & awards system!

Where to use them

  • Product Pages:  These testimonials are the proof in the pudding, adding authenticity and confidence to the buying decision.

  • Trust Badges and Certifications:  Trust badges are like the merchant navy's insignias, instilling credibility in the hearts of shoppers. 

  • Secure Checkout: Imagine the checkout process as the heart of your treasure cove. Here, your shoppers search for the padlock icon and the "https://" address to ensure a safe passage through the transaction waters. Security seals here guarantee smooth sailing.

  • About Us and Contact Pages:  You're About Us and Contact pages are their compass, leading them to the real people behind the digital storefront. Sharing your brand story and reachable contact info deepens trust.

  • Return and Refund Policies:  Your return and refund policies are the terms of engagement in this exciting voyage. Transparent, hassle-free policies provide a safety net, reassuring shoppers that they have a friendly harbor to return to if needed.

  • Live Chat and Customer Support: Think of live chat as the lookout's telescope – a direct line of communication. Shoppers seek this lifesaver for immediate assistance.

  • Contact Information: Picture this as the anchor for shopper reassurance. Visible contact info – a phone number, email, or even a contact form – shows shoppers you're just a message away. 

  • Social Media Links: Consider social media profiles as the sails of your e-commerce ship. Links to these platforms signal that you're an active, engaging merchant.

So, my astute e-commerce captain, keep these trust markers gleaming like precious gems across your digital shoreline. As you guide shoppers through this immersive experience, you ensure that every corner of your e-commerce domain exudes reliability and trustworthiness. The voyage might start digitally, but the trust and satisfaction they find will become their real treasure!

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