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This Week at ShopperStream - Gmail Compliance Update

AUTHOR: ResellerRatings Release Team

This week at ShopperStream we are welcoming you back for 2024....

Development Update

Our development team is hard at working getting ready to launch some great features to kick off Q1 of 2024. Here is a preview of things being worked on by our team:

  • Product Reviews 2.0 - this will be a brand new experience from product reviews with a brand new widget which will incorporate all UGC collection and display into one mainstreamed experience on your product pages. Take a sneak peak below. Keep in mind everything shown is still in development and subject to change.

  • AI Tagging - Our AI tool will now be able to automatically tag reviews on specific topics that you and your team have pre-set in the ShopperStream Dashboard.

  • Workflows - a lot more to come on this particular feature. Stay tuned.

Google's Gmail is set to introduce robust security measures starting 2024. This move, aimed at combating spam and enhancing email security, will significantly impact e-commerce businesses that rely heavily on email marketing. Here's a breakdown of the changes and their implications:

1. Mandatory Email Authentication for Bulk Senders

Bulk senders, defined as those dispatching over 5,000 emails to Gmail addresses in a single day, will now need to authenticate their emails robustly. This requirement ensures the sender's identity is transparent and reliable, minimizing phishing and spam risks.

2. Simplified Unsubscription Process

Gmail will require a one-click unsubscription option for commercial emails, with unsubscription requests to be processed within two days. This change is based on open standards, benefiting the entire email ecosystem.

3. Strict Spam Rate Threshold

A clear spam rate threshold will be enforced. Bulk senders must remain under this limit to avoid their emails being marked as spam.

4. Industry Collaboration and Future Outlook

These changes are not unilateral. Industry partners like Yahoo support them, emphasizing a collective effort for a safer email environment. Continuous collaboration and vigilance from the entire email community are required to maintain these standards.

Check out our full article to see how this directly impacts e-commerce brands.

We are excited for the things to come in 2024 and cannot wait to share what is coming next. See you next week.

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