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This Week at ResellerRatings - Welcome to ShopperStream

AUTHOR: ResellerRatings Release Team

It is time to introduce you to ShopperStream....

A new AI-powered platform from ResellerRatings to power shopper-led growth.

Get ready for a review revolution! Our AI-based platform is about to transform how you collect, engage and leverage shopper reviews, images, and video. Say goodbye to information overload - our AI-powered system (lovingly referred to as Trustbot) distills lengthy reviews into concise, impactful summaries that capture the essence of customer experiences in seconds.

September 2023 Release Includes

  • AI-Generated Review Responses

  • Track Reputation Across different 3rd Party Sites

  • AI-Driven Review Summaries (RR & 3rd Party Reviews)

  • Improved Topic Trends and Analysis

  • Trending Sentiment & Competitor Insights

Revamped Products with hundreds of quality-of-life updates and changes

  • Revamped UI to help collect reviews faster

  • All new Add-Ons for expanding your trust-powered shopping, such as Review tracking, Sentiment Analytics, and more

  • New interconnected products tell a better story across all your shopper UGC collection

AI-Generated Review Responses

Imagine a custom review response generated in less than a few seconds...

What can you get done without hiring more resources? 

  • Get to every negative review before they share it with other shoppers

  • Describe and route customers to solutions

  • Thank all First Time customers to boost repeat purchases

  • Thank EVERY 4 and 5 Star Review for accelerating word-of-mouth in a unique way

Review Tracking & Summaries
All your Customer Stories in one place

  • No more manually collecting review data and trying to figure out a story on customer sentiment.

  • ONE View for your ratings across other review sites

  • Get alerts on poorly performing platforms and use our Amplify tool to improve your rating with a few clicks

AI-driven review analysis across all sites

Get the top trending positive and negative topics with one click of our Trustbot.  Find out what's happening on different review platforms with a few clicks.

Competitor Insights 

Want to see how you stack up against your competitors? Use our AI-driven competitive insights to compare against the competition.

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