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This Week at ResellerRatings - Reviews, UGC and the Customer Journey

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This week at ResellerRatings, it is time to start planning for holiday shopping. Did you know that retail e-commerce brands had an average bounce rate of 48% for their customers due to site issues? Being proactive with reviews during that time can lead you to catch site issues early!

Development Update

This week's dev work was focused solely on platform maintenance as well as migrating away from a few legacy platforms in our tech stack. We look forward to sharing more about what's next in the coming weeks.

We have all been there, scrolling through your favorite online store, trying to decide which product to buy. You're not sure which one to choose, but thankfully, you're not alone. Millions of customers go through this same process every day, searching for the perfect product to meet their needs.

Enter reviews and user-generated content (UGC) - the ultimate superheroes of the e-commerce world. These trusty companions are here to help customers navigate the treacherous waters of online shopping, providing insights and perspectives from other customers who have already made a purchase. With the rise of online shopping, reviews, and UGC have become essential components of the customer journey, influencing everything from brand awareness to customer advocacy.

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Did you know that inside of TrustHQ you can create custom response templates to make responding to reviews a much easier and seamless process? This can help maximize your time inside ResellerRatings and make sure that more reviews are being attended to.

Is it too soon for a Holiday Shopping countdown? - I think not.

Black Friday - 203 Days

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