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This Week at ResellerRatings - New Years 2022

AUTHOR: ResellerRatings Release Team

This week at ResellerRatings, our teams are preparing for an exciting 2023! A lot of great stuff to come.

Development Update

Our development team has completed their year-end preparations for platform stability and are enjoying some eggnog on a beach somewhere (I hope). We won't have any features to push out the rest of 2022, but we are excited for the things to come in 2023!

2023 and beyond....

2023 is an exciting milestone for the ResellerRatings team and we cannot wait to share our excitement with our partners next year. While our team is enjoying some much-needed R&R, the plans for 2023 are being developed as we speak. We have a lot of great new features and products on the drawing board and we will be sharing much more about this in the coming weeks!

We hope that all of you have had a great 2022!

See you on the other side.

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