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AUTHOR: ResellerRatings Release Team

We wanted to showcase the major visual changes to the review feed and everything that went into it.

What did we want to achieve with these changes?

  • we wanted to showcase key review makers that indicated the path to purchase and how customers were marking them out (more on that later)

  • A chronological review feed that was not confusing to look at - looking at it, one should be able to see when a review was submitted, when it went live, if it was flagged, was it modified and how

  • More informative news feed

  • Better edge case handling for workflows

  • Filtering complex review management and history to isolate issues faster

  • Better understanding of current review status and pending - go live countdowns


Updated Version

Star Ratings

Star ratings are now all color based with our new design format that will be rolled out across all of ResellerRatings. We think these are easy to visually scan through as opposed to our old ratings.

Path to Purchase Rankings

The path to purchase rankings is now highlighted front and center in your review content. If you're not collecting them - you should be, as they have an almost negligible effect on rating or review acquisition rates and provide you with far more data.

You're going to get five key ratings here including

  • Overall product shipping and delivery

  • Pricing

  • Returns and Policy

  • Likelihood of recommendation

  • Customer Service

These are key factors that can also now be filtered and segmented in the dashboard for all your ratings and reviews. We'll be going deep into segmentation analysis in the Learning Hub.

Final Thoughts

There you have it, there's a lot more micro-detail but we feel you'll be able to understand everything by taking a look around. Let us know what you think!

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