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Spring Updates

AUTHOR: Jordan Smith

Can you believe it’s the springtime already? We have been so hard at work we’ve hardly noticed the snow around us disappear. In fact, we’ve been so busy with product updates, you might have missed something. That’s where this blog post comes in. Take a look at the updates we’ve made over the course of the last month below! 

Updated Plans Structure 

In case you missed it, we’ve made some changes recently to the way we make our products available to current users. At the beginning of March, we introduced some new key concepts designed to help users understand what they have access to, along with what upgrades are possible. One of those concepts includes the fact that users were automatically fitted into one of five plans based on the products users have enabled. Feel free to read up on the rest of our new concepts here

Checkout Survey 2.0 

Earlier this year, Google made changes leading to checkout surveys no longer qualifying for Google reviews in favor of post-fulfillment reviews. Taking that into consideration, we’ve made some adjustments that help users continue to collect reviews that qualify for Google Seller Ratings. These changes include: 

  • Revised visuals designed to keep customers focused on writing reviews instead of wording asking for them. 

  • Updated stars that are consistent with our brighter, bolder new star branding. 

  • Users now have the choice to provide customers with the option to withhold their review until fulfillment at the click of a button with the new “I’ll leave a review when I get the delivery” option. 

These updates provide users with both fast review collection, along with higher quality reviews that contain details about the shopping journey from discovery through fulfillment. 

Customer Service Routing 

We always strive to connect our clients to their customers when it matters most. Often those moments come after having bad experiences. We’ve updated instant survey so now users have the option to connect unhappy customers with customer service agents dedicated to serving their problems upon leaving a low star rating (between 1 and 3 stars).  

Multi-Store CSV Downloads 

Providing a portrait displaying overall store performance became a priority following a conversation with one of our valued clients. Since that conversation we’ve made some pivotal changes to our reporting function which include: 

  • Increasing the initial page output to 30 rows which helps decrease the need for paginating. 

  • A new tab displaying month-by-month breakdowns. 

  • Additional data points of total reviews collected including last review date and current score. 

  • All downloadable in a CSV file. 

Impact tracking 

Given how much we discuss it with our users, one of the most pivotal metrics for us to provide is review coverage. The more reviews you have covering your products, the more impactful those products will be when it comes to conversions. Impact tracking helps us ensure that we help you solve one thing in particular: 

‘How can I isolate the products that aren’t getting enough reviews?’ 

The coverage report originally showed that you DID have products that had collected 0 reviews, or 1-10, reviews, etc. They were demarcated at the point where they increase conversion to sale (1-10 reviews that are positive are an increased conversion from 0 reviews). Now you can actually click on each report line item and FILTER OUT those products to see what they are! How great is that?

Check out our brand-new Impact Tracker in action!

Executive Reports 2.0 

The executive report system needed some serious attention. By that, we mean a bigger ‘flow’ and technical refactoring to ensure it keeps up with the rest of our product. This also means users can create an executive report from a timed interval at any point you need. Before, you had to wait until the day you wanted a monthly report to create it.

Now you can say things like, “I want a quarterly report starting on the 21st of the month.” Or maybe, “I want a monthly report on my review acquisition starting on May 3rd in time for our executive meetings.”

This change will allow us to build more recipes for everyone and expand more recipes to product reviews, competitor search, and visual marketing. 

What Else is New About Executive Reports? 

Out with the Old Layout…

And in with the new layout! 

So to sum it up, with the executive reports update, it’s now easier to do the following: 

  • Easier to craft reports 

  • Better Syndication of reports to outside accounts 

  • Now pick daily or weekly schedules whenever you want (Huge) 

  • Cleaner calculations 

And last but not least

Video Reviews 

ResellerRatings is expanding it’s UGC (User-generated collection) to expand into new territory. To meet the expectations of the modern consumer, you’ll have to let your customers speak for you in dynamic ways. Consumers engage with content in a multitude of ways and trust the voice of real users. Video reviews allow your customers to say a thing or two about your store in awesome video snippets. 

What to Look out for on our initial release 

  • New product review collection methods for surveys 

  • Mobile-based collection 

  • Display of video reviews in the new product review portal for the gallery widget and the individual review 

  • New UGC library for content approval and playback 

This spring has been quite a busy one for our team. As you can see we’re full steam ahead in providing users with the resources necessary to accomplish all the core goals we have for you, and the voice of your customers. We are steadily aiming to improve our suite of products for users, so be sure to check here often to stay in the know. 

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