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ShopperStream - Google's Major Organic Listing Update

AUTHOR: ResellerRatings Release Team

0:00 Intro - New Search Shopping Results

0:33Incorporating Seller Ratings into Product Listings

1:05Benefits of Seller Ratings in Google Shopping

1:37 Importance of Collecting Seller Ratings in 2023

Google has recently introduced 'Seller Ratings' for organic mobile listings in the US. This update comes after more than two years of testing, and it offers a promising opportunity for e-commerce websites operating in the US market.

Seller Ratings provide users with an overall score and review count for a seller or e-commerce website. This information helps users assess a business's trustworthiness and reliability before making a purchase. Seller Ratings primarily appear on category pages and sometimes on a website's homepage, alongside other product-related details.

These ratings are calculated based on various data sources, including Google Customer Reviews, aggregated performance metrics, and Shopping reviews for your domain. To maintain a high Seller Rating, businesses need to consistently provide excellent customer service, gather positive reviews, and address any issues promptly.

For websites that already have structured data with reviews marked up, such as product pages, Seller Ratings will continue to be displayed. Implementing structured data is crucial for enhancing online reputation and visibility.

The introduction of Seller Ratings in mobile organic listings presents a significant opportunity for US e-commerce sites. Positive Seller Ratings can boost credibility and influence customer purchasing decisions. To leverage this feature, businesses should actively manage their online reputation and aim to maintain a high Seller Rating.

However, it's important to note that Google Search Console currently lacks the ability to track Seller Ratings separately in the Search Appearance filtering. Monitoring Seller Ratings may require using other tools and platforms, such as Google Customer Reviews or third-party review management services.

Google's introduction of Seller Ratings for mobile organic listings in the US is a promising development for e-commerce businesses. By focusing on delivering exceptional customer experiences, gathering positive reviews, and implementing structured data, businesses can capitalize on this opportunity to enhance their online visibility and credibility. Staying proactive in managing Seller Ratings is key to making the most of this exciting addition to the e-commerce landscape.

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