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Shoppable Gallery

AUTHOR: ResellerRatings Release Team

Last week we introduced a bite-sized, flexible shop gallery widget that helps your customers find and discover new items in your store in a visually appealing, interesting way.

It’s available in two forms

  • as a small widget (great for search, post-purchase, in cart discovery)

  • Full page experiences

We continue to work through it, leverage our machine learning, A.I. to help you search through your digital assets in our content management system. To our clients with Visual Marketing in their plan, we’ve released our latest, greatest widget.

The full-page gallery is designed to showcase your customer experiences, in a bold, dynamic way – leading shoppers directly to your products. We aren’t stopping there either – in the coming months, we’ll be deploying additional great items around this, like uploading your own images, tagging your images for multiple products, and even live – dynamic A.I driven galleries that use machine learning and A.I to analyze photos and build galleries automatically (taking the burden away from your team).

Download our PDF on check out our learning center if you haven’t started leveraging our galleries.

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