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🧱 Reporting Reviews (upgrade)

AUTHOR: ResellerRatings Release Team

Every single review that gets reported on ResellerRatings goes through a manual review verification process. We wanted to classify these as well as give our team (and merchants and reviewers alike) more context on what has been reported.

 So we’ve actually changed this process quite a bit. And so when you click on flagging a review now, we have a whole new process involved where actually specify what reason you’re flagging for, whether that is, you know, not a real review about the store experience, vulgarities tha perhaps our machine learning and AI, missed, personal or privacy information, intellectual property infringement.

Clicking on any of these options leads to a second screen in which the reporter can type a reason WHY it was flagged.

We think this will bring

  • more information to what reviews are being flagged

  • help our internal team isolate and look over content faster

  • give shoppers and clients peace of mind that the content they are looking for, even when taken down is being categorized and investigated thoroughly

Check out the changes here with this video:

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