ResellerRatings Release Team

Release Notes – Nov w1

AUTHOR: ResellerRatings Release Team
  • Feature Request – Merchants Being Able to See Review History Want to know how a review was edited or changed? We’ve upped the visibility for our agents by giving an updated view. Merchants can now see their review history within the portal. When a customer edits their review history, it can now be seen within the open case for that review.

  • Product Reviews – we’ve added a way to see your pending queued emails for the month if you need to test collections, alongside the ability to sort the queue date, sky, and invoice. This often requested update allows you to get insight on pending out-going mailers. This feature is turned on manually so please contact your account team to turn it on.

  • ResellerRatings Product Reviews – Fix the stars URL to point to the same proper URL link

  • Email Previews Squish Stars in Dashboard


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