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Product Reviews / SKU Coverage Report

AUTHOR: ResellerRatings Release Team

Introducing the Product Review Coverage Report.  ‘Review Coverage’ is a very important idea.  The higher review coverage you have over your assets, the more conversion to sale you’ll experience.  A thorough review collection gives customers several messages about your store

  • You engage with customers thoroughly

  • You value their opinion 

  • A lot of customers buy your products, across all categories and brands

  • More coverage means better consumer confidence

We’ve worked on some of our data systems to bring you a coverage report that allows you to 

Track how quickly you’re reaching 100% coverage with your product reviews. 

It takes only 1 positive review to increase your product conversation rate in a positive direction.  The additive value of these peaks at around 20-30 reviews/product.  Users rarely go past the first page in product reviews, but great filters allow customers to mine reviews for the topics they care about.  

With this report, you can tell

  • What percentage of your product collections have reviews

  • What brands, categories, or SKU’s have the most complete Coverage percentage and can help you focus on product categories that may not have enough review coverage or average products/review

  • The distribution snapshot shows you how many of your products (for your brand, category or entire collection) have 0 reviews, 1-10 reviews, 10-30, etc.  This allows you to see what products are at their peak conversion value, and what products are gathering enough data to run good data mining and text analytics over (40+ reviews generally can tell a good story)

Take a look at the SKU / GTIN coverage report, part of your product reviews package.lo

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