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(new) Advanced Email Customization

AUTHOR: ResellerRatings Release Team

We have a great new feature ready for anyone collecting brand and product reviews.  It’s called Advanced Email Customization!

What is it?

If you were collecting reviews using brand or product reviews, you were generally restricted to our core template with some customization options around header graphics, and paragraph text.  We’ve opened this up completely prior to the release of our incoming research templates for communicating with your customers.

  • (New) You can completely edit the template, template format, and more to integrate with your brand and design

  • (New) You can expand and collapse beyond the set paragraph structure to your own structure to promote other things in your products

  • (New) We also have two new base templates – raw text for those who want to send more personal looking emails as opposed to those dressed up and marketing

  • (New) We are also introducing a NEW STAR picker template – designed to be easier for customers to click on the correct star.  

  • (New) Fast Preview – you can now instantly get a preview email of your changes to test.  Clicking on preview no longer just shows an in-dashboard rendering, but sends you a copy of your email to test.  You can even now send it to people outside of your account within your organization!

Dozens of mobile-based improvements on rendering

Who has access?

All paid plans have access to the new Advanced Email Customization!

Why does it matter?

We know it’s important for brands to use EVERY single touchpoint for their customers effectively.  That’s why we’re opening it up for designers and tinkerers to get it “just right”.  We think you should also take a look at our e-book to help guide you on how to design a great email subject line and more.  

Help, I’m not a designer or – take me back to when things were simpler.

Don’t worry, our default brand and review template is on by default.  To turn on advanced customization, you’ll have to manually trigger it open.  The new email system will overwrite your old emails.  If you turn it off, it will default BACK to the simpler system which is used for our Free accounts.  is even better than before with an updated star picker, better mobile rendering across the board.  

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