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June Product Updates

AUTHOR: Jordan Smith

We’ve been so hard at work with updates and improvements that we haven’t even noticed that we’re already halfway through 2021. Time truly does fly when you’re having fun! Keep reading to get all the details about everything we’ve been working on. 

2 in 1 Product Reviews 

Reach your Google Seller Ratings Quota Faster 

This update allows users to generate Brand Reviews without losing out on Product Reviews. Site review optimization is paramount. When it comes to collecting one of only brand or product reviews, or both, we have ways to help you optimize your approach. 2 in 1 Product Reviews helps users gather both product AND seller rating reviews in one customer flow. That means users no longer have to send multiple emails to collect both. 

How’s it Work? 

When a customer writes a Product Review, they will arrive on a landing page that allows them to write a seller rating review. If there are multiple products on the landing page, it will display multiple products. Now, the customer gets to pick and choose how deep they want to go without CONSTANT reminders. We want to provide users with products that are mindful of a customer’s valuable time. By making it easier for them to drop in the information that gets syndicated around the world in the largest shopping channels like Google and Bing, we believe we are doing just that! 


Like you, we love Unsplash too. Taking that into consideration, we wanted to give you access to their expansive, beautiful library by integrating Unsplash with visual reviews for an expanded selection of beautiful imagery to select from. 

We’re doing a full integration of Unsplash images into Visual Reviews. That’s right, you’ll no longer be limited to a few select images chosen by us. Who knows, do we even have good taste? Now users will be able to easily search their entire library for cool backgrounds for images. 

So, if you want to highlight foods or specific foods in your reviews, why not search for them? If you want to highlight specific events or types of people, full access is now at your fingertips. 

But what will I be able to do now that I couldn’t before? 

Before, there was a pre-selected number of images to choose from for Visual Reviews. It turns out, most users really like that but would like more choices. By integrating Unsplash for your background picker, your selection of images now goes from 15 to thousands. 

Get ready to make those social media posts shine! 

Highlight Review Text 

The next update we’re working on delivering is designed with your social media audience in mind. Highlight review text allows users to direct the attention of readers to a specific section of text when sharing reviews to social networks. Previously, users had to have the WHOLE review in the image – but once it’s released, highlight review text will allow users to design their messaging around the strongest aspects of a review. 

Basically, this update will allow users to trim down those useful, yet lengthy reviews into just key talking points, while making a beautiful, shareable image out of it. How awesome is that? 

Share to Social

The final visual marketing update we’re working on allows users to share visual reviews directly to their social media platforms of choice. In order to share visual reviews to social media platforms previously, users were subjected to a process that consisted of downloading the image and going to the website manually. That’s why we’re streamlining the process of uploading images to social media by introducing a button for it. 

That’s right – at the click of a button, we’ll take you through a post-procedure on each platform, where you can post directly to your business feed. Remember, you must have admin access to your company’s social media pages to do so. 

That just a small taste of what users can expect during the coming weeks. We have so much more on the horizon that we can’t wait to share with you. Remember to check here for all of our most recent product developments and updates! 

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