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July Product Updates

AUTHOR: Jordan Smith

Similar to the temps outside, the team at ResellerRatings is heating up and we can’t wait to show you what we’ve been working on. From changes to our website to new product updates, there’s so much that we can’t wait to finally get in front of you. Let’s dive in! 

Website Changes 

  • Client Success and Inspiration Pages – The newest website update we’ve been looking forward to sharing with you is the addition of an all-new client success page, and a new client inspiration page. These pages help to provide an inside-look at what can be achieved when using the ResellerRatings suite to its fullest capabilities. They’re great resources to share with anyone on the fence about the impact of ratings and reviews.  
    Curious about how product reviews or visual marketing looks before moving forward with implementation on your site? Simply go to our merchant solutions page, navigate to the resources dropdown, then click on client inspiration. Then, select which products you’d like to see, along with which page you’d like to see it displayed on. 

Client Inspiration Page

New Product Updates: 

PII Auto-Flagging Functionality 

We take content quality seriously here. When surveying consumer opinion, there are a whole host of considerations to make around content. We look for content that’s useful for shoppers and represents true sentiment. That includes: 

  • Reviews that don’t contain spam or any spam-like quality. 

  • Vulgarity – this includes swear words, slurs, hate speech, etc. 

The last item on the list is a bit more complex – that’s protecting the online privacy of reviewers. This is a high-level concern for merchants, consumers, and reviewers alike. Shoppers should be able to talk about a store experience without worrying about getting doxxed. So, here’s how PII review works: 

Whenever a review comes in, our moderation logic and sentiment tools scan the content for various swear words. These are easy to identify and edit out. However, our A.I tools will scan content and provide guidance on what’s trickier to detect between hate or swearing. Using a confidence interval, we can then assess whether the review stays or go. 

Now, there’s a new layer that used to be regulated to human moderation. Our tools now pattern match for names, phone numbers and addresses to block out PII violations. These are priotized in the queue for moderation. This is a premium feature for our merchants and these reviews automatically go into a moderation window to be reviewed by a real person. 

Social QA 
Taking feedback from our users and being able to run with it is one of the areas we pride ourselves on most. Those types of conversations are what led us to making our QA API available to certain users who have access to product reviews. 

Still curious about everything else we’ve been working on? Click here to read our last product blog post and if you have any questions, don’t hesitate to book time for a demo with one of our experts – those time slots fill pretty quickly! 

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