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It’s March already?

AUTHOR: ResellerRatings Release Team

Wow, with our heads down – time flies. We spent January and February releasing a bunch of new product, optimizing the collections process, we didn’t even get a chance to post about it. Well – better now than never.

Let’s take a quick look at our core goals here at ResellerRatings and for your customer’s voice.

Privacy Auto Flagging

Premium Feature

We now have a great new option that can be turned on that allows your ratings and review content to be ‘auto-flagged for particular issues. We use a combination of A.I / machine learning and logic to determine if the content contains potentially PII violating items like

  • someones name

  • phone number

  • address or point of contact

  • vulgarity

Instead of having your team monitoring the reviews manually, our team will automatically look at this and investigate to see if it violates privacy and ensures shopper and retailer PII compliance.

Instant Survey + Email After purchase Slider

Guess what, with the changes Google has brought in, POINT OF SALE or CHECKOUT reviews no longer count towards Google Seller Ratings. In fact, Google made a decision to remove this content. However, we’ve been doing Email After Purchase for over a decade. For clients who have traditionally use CHECKOUT REVIEWS with us (aka Instant Survey) – we introduce a new option. The ability to do BOTH EAP and Instant Survey.

We have a LOT more coming down the pipe this February including

  • Video Reviews (1.1) – our benchmark release of VIDEO reviews

  • Amplify v1.5 – a major milestone release for syndicating YOUR reviews to more platforms in more ways

  • Executive Memo’s Update (march)

  • And a large focus on Review Conversion and new features around review collections that will blow you away

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