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Introducing new Policy information about your store.

AUTHOR: ResellerRatings Release Team

The team at ResellerRatings has been working very hard on making your store, your policies, your hard work, your ethics stand out. We’re making the little details that you put a lot of work into stand out. That’s why we introduced the new Policy badge system. Gone is the order-info tab at the top of your storefront. It’s now replaced with Policy.

To read more about Policy and why it matters for customers – check it out here on Inside ResellerRatings company blog.

This is only version 1.0 of Policy. In subsequent versions, all half a million monthly ResellerRatings shoppers are going to be able to find you via your policies. Those with customer facing policies will show up in Search more. We’ll also be adding customer feedback to see if retailers adhere to policies so they can keep the badges they select to keep an honest system.

To add information about Policies – and add your new badges to highlight for your store – check out ‘Setup’ > ‘Company Information’.

We’ve broken Policy up into a few key areas


Orderings – Shoppers on ResellerRatings will be able to search for you based on your shipping policies. If there’s something that stands out about your storefront regarding your shipping – make sure you check it out below so you can stand out from the rest.


Refunds and Returns – Shoppers want to know they will never be stuck with a bad product. Returning a product, dealing with damaged goods are a critical part of any customer service cycle. Let the millions of shoppers on ResellerRatings know more about the return policies you store institutes.


Security – Give shoppers peace of mind by letting them know the type of checkout security you have in place. New retailers often need to convince shoppers that their information, credit information is safe and secure.

and the most important for shoppers …


Pricing – Let shoppers know what currency you accept as well as what special policies you have around pricing and payments. For example – do you Price Match? Do you exceed price matched stores by 10%? Let shoppers know how you beat out the competition.

In the meantime, if you as a retailer have feedback on how we can further organize policies, group them, and add to them (if you have a special customer policy you want to showcase), let us know.

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