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Instant Survey Customer Service Routing

AUTHOR: Jordan Smith

We pride ourselves on giving our clients the resources necessary for meeting their customers where it matters most. Our latest Instant Survey updates help do exactly that. The changes to Instant Survey allow users to connect unsatisfied customers with dedicated customer service agents at the time of writing their review. We anticipate this update helping users in several ways.  

Here’s How it Works: 

Suppose a customer has a less than stellar shopping experience. Upon checking out, they’ll be prompted to answer a brief survey which asks them to provide some details about their shopping journey. After providing those details, if the shopper leaves a star rating between 1 and 3 stars, they’ll be prompted to speak with a customer service representative. Of course, users can adjust the prompt to whatever message they find appropriate. Some of the benefits of this update include allowing users to do the following: 

Immediately Communicate with Unsatisfied Customers

Having a bad shopping experience can put customer relationships to the test. By offering immediate solutions, salvaging those relationships becomes easier. Additionally, providing customers with the opportunity to receive assistance right away can serve as a great way to prevent low ratings from appearing publicly. 

Reputation Protection

The process of connecting disgruntled customers with support associates is meant to be seamless enough for customers to still feel encouraged to provide their true thoughts. Providing an avenue for customers to resolve their conflicts after a bad experience allows users to show customers they care. By taking that extra step to show customers how important their satisfaction is, users have the opportunity to turn a once negative experience into a memorable one. 

Use Another Resource in the Fight to Keep Customer Trust

Maintaining the trust of customers is one of the most pressing priorities for many of our clients. Taking that into consideration, we aim to provide users with assets that make doing that possible. We’re only three months into 2021 and we’ve had several new updates already. Stay tuned for the exciting new products we have on the horizon in the weeks and months to come! 

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