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Google Changes to Adwords collection

AUTHOR: ResellerRatings Release Team

Google’s made a series of changes that will affect review collections into 2021 for all Review Vendors. Luckily you’ve signed onto ratings and review partner that can easily adapt to these changes and has you covered.

ResellerRatings was one of the first partners for Google’s Seller Ratings program that Google entrusted to source for their AdWords ratings.  Our team keeps a close partnership with the Google ratings team and ResellerRatings pioneered one of the first EAP (Email after purchase) ratings and reviews collection methodology that they felt worked well for showcasing authentic consumer data to clients.  

We’ve modified, changed, upgraded our collection methods, how we source the data, the ways it can be customized, etc significantly over the years – introducing new ways to collect feedback.  We’ve noticed you were a user of our ‘Instant Survey’ method, collecting a review directly at purchase.  This is one of the fastest ways to get authentic review data from real customers, however, it doesn’t constitute a full authentic experience from the buyers journey perspective.  That’s why we have our EAP (email after purchase method) that sends an email post-purchase, once a product is delivered.  

Google is sunsetting ratings and reviews from the Instant Survey method and prioritizing EAP.  Luckily for you, the ResellerRatings platform has you covered and allows you to switch to EAP (Or even collect both if your priority is review VOLUME and not Google Seller Ratings Adwords Extensions) with one switch of a button.  

What you need to do to keep your Google Seller Ratings extensions growing.

  1. Go into your dashboard and turn on this one button (see the loom video here)

  2. Set a delay for fulfillment (2 weeks default)

  3. Customize your survey

You can watch videos on how to do this here.

With this change, your customers will get an email (that can be customized and branded) a few days, to weeks after post-purchase to write a review.  These reviews are ‘after fulfillment’ and will the only type of review that will be fed into Google Seller Ratings into 2021.   This is how most of our clients collect reviews.

Get started, right now, we’re happy to reach out, get you going on this new method at

We also have some big plans for our new Instant Survey for customer feedback and CX measurement into 2021, with the ever expanding ResellerRatings suite.     

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