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Feedback Reporting - New and Improved

AUTHOR: ResellerRatings Release Team

Feedback has recieved it's 1.5 revision as we've tackeld how we display analytics data.

We've been doing significant testing with feedback and all the amazing things we've had going on with it and I'm SUPER excited to showcase these changes. The top items were

  • make feedback more accessible and make it easy to access your survey's feedback results

  • make feedback more traversable and reduce the clicks to 'lift' information from a survey

  • Change how we display feedback data. There are MAJOR improvements here that we will continue to celebrate over the coming weeks.

First, let's look at a before and after



So what's actually changed here?

Problems - switching between individual question summation vs individual responses involved several back and forth clicks as well as filter changes to pull up the same data sets. Now reports can be switched back and forth and campaign data can be compared easily. The new reporting takes every campaign and breaks it into

  • Summary - Contains aggregated data on individual question types

  • Responses - contains full response sets for each individual survey

Response Display Changes

Individual Responses now aggregate data and display that data in a much different way. Everything from multi-select responses and open-ended questions display percentage breakdowns, Top Answers, and more.

NPS trend

If a question is NPS related an alignment trend appears to showcase where overall NPS is beyond the individual breakdown of responses.

There's a lot more to break down in the new reports and we'll keep covering the variety of updates coming in.

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