Jordan Smith

Chargebee and Other Updates and Improvements

AUTHOR: Jordan Smith

Our most recent round of updates is destined to drastically improve quality of life when it comes to your ResellerRatings experience. From our brand new Q&A API endpoint to streamlining our billing process, we’re eager for users to get familiar with the new updates. Let’s get started! 

Chargebee Invoices: No longer will users need to track down an account manager for an invoice. Now, users can access their invoices with a direct link to the chargebee revenue portal.   

Exit Survey Updates: Over time, we’ve come to notice that our surveys could benefit from some stability updates. So, we’ve taken the steps to bolster the stability of our surveys, along with making other improvements that make completing them a breeze for your customers.  

QA API (For Larger Clients): Last but certainly not least, we’ve made a major change to our Q&A API. We’ve made it available for certain users with access to our API for product reviews.  

Have any questions regarding our most recent updates? As always, we’re happy to provide users with assistance however we can. With that in mind, our users can schedule time for a walk through or demo of the new updates by following this link

Stay tuned for more updates! 

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