Jordan Smith

Business Highlights Update

AUTHOR: Jordan Smith

The days are starting to get shorter out there, but we’ve barely noticed since we’ve been so hard at work on our latest round of product upgrades!

Taking that into consideration, we’ve got something major that we can’t wait to unveil to you. This update was designed to eliminate the challenge of showcasing the small things brands do to provide customers with the ideal shopping experience. 

Business Highlights is the next stage in the ResellerRatings core offering to customers. We’re launching Business Highlights in a few different phases to roll it out and get it going. We’ve included our retailer clients and free accounts in the mix to have access to edit and update their Business Highlights. 

These Business Highlights are reviewed and moderated by our internal team as of now. Soon, customers will be able to evaluate the legitimacy of your highlights. 

Your Business Highlights are going to be introduced more aggressively into ResellerRatings search and comparison systems and engines, so when shoppers go to ResellerRatings, not only can they find high scoring stores – but stores with the BEST policies for what they are looking for. 

No more guesswork, thanks to a single unified framework to compare and contrast all stores. 

Check out our video below

To update your Business Highlights – go to your store (or get a <link to pricing page> free account), log into your dashboard go to store setup > Business Highlights

Why do Business Highlights Matter? 

Shoppers are on the search for insights that help them make informed decisions. Our goal is to make that process as simple as possible for everyone. Business Highlights is the way we’ve made it easier for shoppers to learn about the little things brands do to create a consumer-friendly shopping experience. Offer a money back guarantee or next day shipping? Let shoppers know while they’re still doing their research by selecting them on your dashboard the next time you login. 

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