Jordan Smith

Executive Reports Upgrade

AUTHOR: Jordan Smith

Goodbye to the past, hello, 21st century. The Executive Report is a key reporting tool that allows folks to build custom reports with ‘recipes’. This means, you don’t have to wait for us to build you out a report, you can assemble a report with pre-baked recipes. That way you can build a report for executives, or a report for a client service manager. 

As with any of your favorite recipes, the recipes needed to create custom reports can be slightly tweaked to achieve your desired results. With that in mind, users now have the ability to seamlessly provide different stakeholders with new details regarding customer content. Check out some of the other new Executive Report features below. 

Let’s do the Before / After Situation


New Hotness

What’s New 

Easier to craft reports

Better Syndication of reports to outside accounts

Now pick daily or weekly schedules whenever you want (Huge)

Cleaner calculations

The Executive Report system needed some TLC. By that, we mean a big ‘flow’ and technical refactoring to ensure it keeps up with the rest of our product. Additionally, users can create an executive report from any timed interval they choose. Previously, users had to wait until the day they wanted a monthly report to create it …. YIKES! Now you can say things like: 

  • I want a quarterly report starting on the 21st of the month. 

  • I want a monthly report on my review acquisition starting on May 3rd in time for our executive meetings. 

And have them delivered within moments. 

Since it’s such a widely used feature by so many of our clients, we felt the time had come to provide an update that modernizes the tool while making it easier to use. Another priority was making some new features available that help users gain vital insights about the content they’ve collected. This change will allow us to build more recipes for everyone and expand more recipes to product reviews, competitor search, and visual marketing. To learn more about Executive Reports, click here.

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